Here at Vittone, we specialise in commercial refurbishments and have the expertise to ensure we get the job done quickly. In a commercial environment ensuring its ‘business as usual’ is important, and we always do our utmost to minimise any potential disruption to your day to day operations.

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    Professional & Reliable

    Commercial projects require first class project management skills, and demand products and materials that are robust, and up to coping with heavy footfall.

    Floors for example need to be particularly capable, with public area flooring requiring special finishes to provide better longevity along with functions like anti-slip and easy to clean coatings. Safety flooring is a must in many public buildings, where there is a potential for people slipping, and durable flooring is necessary to cope with high traffic areas.

    We have recently started working alongside the NHS on some very special refurbishments to Surgeries around Staffordshire. Read about our recent refurbishment of Holmcroft Surgery in Stafford.

    The materials we use are fit for purpose and capable of coping with the greater demands placed on them in places like schools, offices, museums and hospitals.

    Some specialist requirements of commercial floor coverings and surface preparations include;

    • Acoustic sound insulation
    • Anti slip coatings
    • Easy cleaning

    Commercial Maintenance Contractor Staffordshire

    As well as complete commercial refurbishments, including central heating, flooring, decorating and so on, we also provide a maintenance services.

    Our  complete maintenance service for your business covers everything form general repairs, through to the supply of all the trades you require.  We offer a 24hr response and seven days a week contracts are available, and we guarantee to respond and have a man on site within 1 hour of your call.

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